Better protection from Malware and Phishing websites

Better protection from Malware and Phishing websites

If Microsoft Edge is your browser of choice, you already enjoy unparalleled protection from phishing and other possible malicious threats. If you’re a Chrome user, now that 99% protection that the Edge boasts – compared to 87% and 70% for Chrome and Firefox respectively – can be yours too with a new browser extension from Microsoft.

Called Windows Defender Browser Protection, the extension offers real-time protection against a variety of online threats such as phishing attacks and malicious websites, by checking links against a constantly updated list of known malicious URLs. If a link matches one on the list, Windows Defender Browser Protection will flash a red warning screen, alerting users that the website is known to be malicious, and giving you a “clear path back to safety”, Microsoft says.

If you’re of the opinion that you can never have too much protection, grab the newest offering from the Chrome web store now

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