Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q1 2018

Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q1 2018

Have you ever wished you had a decent set of reliability stats to refer to when you’re looking to purchase a new hard drive? Luckily for us, Backblaze have been recording that exact type of data since 2013 from the drives in their data centres and releasing their findings to the public.

In terms of the numbers, at the end of Q1 2018 Backblaze was monitoring 98,046 hard drives used to store data that fit their testing criteria. They use 45 drives of the same model as the minimum number when they report their quarterly, yearly, and lifetime drive statistics. In their current reporting, if a drive model has a failure rate of 0%, it only means there were no drive failures of that model during Q1 2018.

Based on their stats, it appears that 4TB-8TB is the “sweet spot”, with drives in that capacity range showing excellent performance from HGST (a subsidiary of Western Digital), Western Digital themselves and to a lesser degree, Seagate. The models designed for NAS use also appear to fare particularly well.

For a full rundown on the statistics, you can check those out on Backblaze’s site

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