A fast, privacy-first consumer DNS service

A fast, privacy-first consumer DNS service

If you think back to March 2014, you may recall the Turkish government blocking Twitter after a corruption scandal leaked online. Graffiti started showing up bearing the Google free DNS service "" as a workaround to help Turks get back online, by circumventing the nationwide DNS block.

Recently, Cloudflare has decided to go one better than that. Or rather; better, to be exact.

Everyone browsing the web uses a DNS system; this routes the domain name you type into your browser to the IP address of that site. However, as a decades-old protocol, it is showing its age in a time where privacy and security are primary concerns.

With their launch of the Internet's fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service, Cloudflare also promise to keep your browsing history safe. Cloudflare's business has never been about advertising or selling consumer data, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince has stated. “We prefer never to write any personally identifiable information to disk and we guarantee that we'll wipe all of the transactional logs and bug tracking logs within 24 hours”.

Not only will keep your personal information safe, it will also speed up almost everything you do online by selecting the fastest DNS directory to access. If you’re wanting to browse a faster, more private internet, then you definitely need Cloudflare’s!

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"I think you people do a fantastic job and the service is the greatest. " Glenn, 2 May 2019
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