VLC media player 3.0 released

VLC media player 3.0 released

Chances are, if you watch media on your device, you’re watching it on a VLC player. Long touted as the best of the best due to its ability to play practically any file format, the long awaited newest version has launched across multiple platforms and boasts – most importantly – Chromecast support, as well as impressive 360° video, 3D audio and up to 8K video and HDR10, which definitely suggests VR versions are on the not too distant horizon.

VLC 3.0, named ‘Vetinari’, is able to play and stream your most demanding videos, including ones with a huge resolution and a high dynamic range. Not only is the newest VLC able to easily handle almost all file formats without the need to download additional codecs, it also supports a huge range of platforms, from something as old as Android Gingerbread or Windows XP, right up to the latest iPhone X.

If you’re after an all in one video and audio player that can play formats nobody’s mentioned for years, is lightning fast and best of all, free, then you cannot go past the VLC player.

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