We’ve made some changes to our website

We’ve made some changes to our website

Improved search: We have tweaked the search algorithm to provide better results, giving less weight to search term order and taking partial matches into account.

Enhanced filter: We have redesigned the filter to make it easier to see what filters have already been selected, and to make removal of them simpler.

Reduced clutter: We understand that you are probably coming to our site to find something specific. Rather than bombard you with products that you probably have no interest in, we have simplified our search bar and home page to make it as easy as possible to start your search or browse a specific product category. Of course you can still go to the deals page at any time to see our latest specials (or sign up for our weekly newsletter).

Improved vertical layout: We’ve trimmed the masthead down to half the previous vertical height. This will particularly help those with less vertical pixels to play with. We have also improved the website’s performance on lower resolutions generally.

Faster PC Builder: We’ve sped up the PC Builder considerably. Try it and see for yourself.

We hope you find these improvements enhance your shopping experience at Ascent. If you are not seeing any of these changes, try refreshing your browser cache (CTRL-F5). If you strike any problems, please let us know on

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