Intel releases 8th Gen Coffee-Lake CPUs

Intel releases 8th Gen Coffee-Lake CPUs

Intel’s 8th Generation Coffee Lake processer series, aimed at gamers and high-end multitaskers, has just launched.

Competing for the top slot against AMD’s Ryzen series – which includes the popular Threadripper – Intel’s flagship in their mainstream CPU lineup is the Core i7-8700K. The Core i7-8700K supplants the Core i7-7700K in Intel’s premium consumer processor series, and the entire line-up gains a couple of physical cores over the 7th Generation Core Kaby Lake series, in addition to official support for faster memory.

In numerous Benchmark tests across Gaming, 3D Rendering, and Video Editing platforms, these new processors clocked in as much faster than the 7th Generation processors that Intel launched less than a year ago, and are definitely going to give AMD a run for their money, for what is available in the same price range. However, is it worth it?

If you’re building a brand new PC then the 8th Generation Intel Coffee Lake processors are definitely worth a look, particularly if you game or spend a lot of time using something like Photoshop. But if you’ve already recently upgraded, then you might be disappointed, because these new processors require a whole new chipset on the motherboard if you want the best speeds, which means you need to invest in a brand new motherboard as well.

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