Automate your life with IFTTT

Automate your life with IFTTT

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a text message if you were tagged in a Facebook photo? Or have you ever wished you could record notes to yourself that would be transcribed and emailed to you? ‘If This Then That ‘(more commonly known as IFTTT) is an app that will help you do exactly those things, by automating the dullest everyday tasks and help you make the most of your time.

All the household names are supported by IFTTT; popular social media platforms, Google services and media sharing services like SoundCloud, Instagram, and Flickr. You can also control your home and make your compatible gadgets smarter than ever.

By triggering a “recipe”, the IFTTT applets can do supremely simple things like backing up your photos to Google Drive, or send you text reminders of upcoming appointments, to the more complicated like turning your house lights on as you approach after a long day, via IFTTT compatible gadgets like the Belkin WeMo range.

Imagine being able to put all these services to work for you, by automating all the annoying, mundane items on your To-Do list so that you never have to worry about them. Take a break, and let IFTTT take care of it for you instead.

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