Clean up your new computer with PC Decrapifier

Clean up your new computer with PC Decrapifier

You’ve purchased a brand new PC. You fire it up for the first time and you start to realise just how bloated with unwanted software the system is. If the idea of going through a tedious Uninstall process for each and every one makes you despair, then you need PC Decrapifier.

PC Decrapifier is a free, portable tool for quickly removing those annoying programmes that come preinstalled on new computers. It can uninstall programmes in bulk via a simple wizard style interface, or in some cases, remove them automatically without you having to do anything at all.

'Recommended', 'Questionable', and 'Everything Else' is how PC Decrapifier categorises the potential junk clogging up your new machine, and will also show you what percentage of other users uninstalled common or default applications to help you decide whether you should also uninstall it.

If you’re tired of constantly wasting time removing pre-installed applications, the PC DecrapifierPC Decrapifier is the tool you need!

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