RunPee: because movie theatres don’t have pause buttons

RunPee: because movie theatres don’t have pause buttons

Have you ever tried to catch up with an intricate plotline in a darkened movie theatre after taking a bathroom break? Or sat around waiting for an after-credits Easter Egg that never eventuated? Then you need RunPee!

Dan Florio, a freelance developer, says the idea for the app came to him after watching Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” remake in 2005, which is an agonisingly long 3 hours and 7 minutes. “At the end of the movie, I was desperate to pee but I didn’t go so I couldn’t enjoy the ending,” Florio says.

Thus, RunPee was born.

First and foremost an extremely practical app that lets you know when the best time to take a break during your movie is, without ever missing crucial parts of the film, it also allows you to read what’s happening in the film while you’re dashing to the bathroom between explosions, to make sure you never miss an important detail again. Not only that, the app lets you know if it’s worth staying in your seat through the credits, or if you’re running late, you can access a synopsis of the first three minutes of the film.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows, if you’re a movie buff with a penchant for extra-large cinema sodas, RunPee is perfect for that next blockbuster on your must-see list!

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