How to Spot Fake Online Reviews

How to Spot Fake Online Reviews

In this age of online shopping where most of us buy products sight-unseen, product reviews are a necessary tool to try and ascertain the quality and veracity of claims being made about the product before we commit to a purchase.

However, more often than not, sites are flooded with fake reviews, and it is nearly impossible to determine which reviews may actually be authentic.

Luckily, Fakespot have made analysing the authenticity of a review easier.
“Reviews were meant to be a way to ensure that you’re getting a good product. But with all the fake reviews, that trust is broken. Fakespot is trying to do something about it” the company states on their website.

All you need to do is enter the URL of the product you’re looking to verify the reviews for into Fakespot and after a few seconds you will know how trustworthy the reviews of the products are.

Also available as browser extension add-ons, you can click the Fakespot icon in your toolbar for instant analysis, or download the mobile apps for Fakespot on the go.

As Fakespot themselves say, “Never again buy a 5-star product that turns out to be a 1-star in reality”!

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