Sync Your Data Securely with Open Source Syncthing

Sync Your Data Securely with Open Source Syncthing

If you are concerned about your online privacy, then you’ve probably already moved away from free third party cloud servers like Dropbox. If your goal is to be able to close down one machine and continue working on another of your devices on the exact same files, without too much human intervention, then Syncthing might be the tool you’re after.

While relatively new on the file synchronizing and sharing scene, Syncthing is comparable to BitTorrent Sync (now the proprietary Resilio Sync) which a lot of users will already be familiar with; except that it is completely free and open source.

The multi-platform Syncthing is very private. When sharing files between two or more devices connected to a local network or the internet, data is saved directly to a location of your choosing – a computer, server, or any other hardware you use – and since you provide the hardware for data storage, there are no third parties involved, keeping your data safe and secure at all times.

“Open, trustworthy and decentralized”, if you want more control over how you share files on a network, Syncthing is an effective and secure alternative to cloud solutions.

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