Adguard – more than just an adblocker

Adguard – more than just an adblocker

For the most part, web advertising is unobtrusively benign, existing on the periphery of your browsing experience. Some are blended so well on a webpage that it is hard to recognise them for what they actually are. However, on the flipside, many sites out there bombard you - slowing down the site loading, or getting in the way and distracting from your browsing. Google have confirmed the inclusion of a built-in solution in a new version of Chrome launching in 2018, but until then, you might need to take things into your own hands and get an ad-blocker.

Ad-blockers rank extremely highly in popularity in terms of manual browser extensions, and most don’t just block the adverts; they can also do useful things like save bandwidth and block scripts that track your browsing habits. One of the most powerful options out there currently is the Adguard extension; this add-on blocks all types of advertising on all web pages - even on social media - and has a Browsing Security module that blocks access to all fraudulent and malicious sites.

Adguard blocks advertising elements before they even start to load into the browser; those annoying embedded video ads that will suddenly start blaring at you don’t stand a chance against this ad-blocker, and it is compatible with popular desktop (including Linux) as well as Android platforms. Its application is fast and easy to setup and it offers automatic filter activation; there is very little required in the way of involvement from the user.

If you’re looking for a complete tool that is proven effective at filtering out the dross from the internet, you can’t look past Adguard.

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