Latest website changes

Latest website changes

Since the release of our new website a couple of weeks’ ago, we have been tweaking a few things as a result of feedback we received. Here is a list of some of the recent changes:

  • When browsing a category (ie, when you go to a category by clicking Our Products and then select a specific category), the default sort order is now by brand and category, rather than by relevance. You can always change the sort order to any other sort order you wish, but this most closely emulates the category browsing functionality of our old website – particularly if you set the view type to Compact.
  • You can now browse by a top level category (eg all Storage, Networking, PC Components, etc).
  • The checkout process has been made more robust.
  • Order quantity can now be changed during checkout.

We are continuing to make improvements and will roll these out over the next few weeks.

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"Thanks again for sorting another of my problems out! " Steve, 1 May 2019
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