Welcome to our new and improved website

Welcome to our new and improved website

We know that most people don’t like change, but sometimes it is necessary in order to make real and meaningful improvements. Our new website features a fresh, modern look with new branding, but that is not what we are most excited about. Here is a short list of the major improvements:

  • Faster search

  • Easier and more powerful filtering system to narrow search results quickly

  • Two additional views for search results provide greater flexibility

  • Additional sort options for search results: relevance, popularity, age of listing, and cost per gigabyte (where relevant)

  • Revamped PC Builder for easier configuration of a PC build

  • Streamlined check out process

  • Cart can now be converted to a quote

  • Better organised compare feature

  • Better organised Your account section

  • Downloadable transaction history

  • Simplified method of submitting a track and trace request

  • Responsive design to better suit tablets and phones

  • Cleaner, less cluttered look

  • And many smaller tweaks across the site

New search and filter system

Search is now the primary focus of the website. Enter your search terms and press Enter, or browse a specific category by clicking on Our products.

If you choose to browse a category, on the listing results page the category will already be selected in the filter down the left hand side. You can select additional criteria to filter by, and this will adjust the results in real time. The attributes available for filtering will vary depending on your prior choices of attributes. For example, if you have chosen Core i5 notebooks costing less than $1,600, the only brands you will be given an option to filter by will be ones that sell products that meet the already selected criteria.

If instead of browsing to a category you enter something into the search bar and press Enter, the listing results page will have no filter criteria pre-selected. You can of course narrow the search by subsequently selecting any combination of filter criteria in the left column.

Within most attributes, selecting more than one value will mean your selection is widened. For example, selecting tablets, notebooks and hybrids in the Category attribute will display all tablets, notebooks and hybrids.

However, in the case of some attributes, selecting more than one value will mean narrowing your selection. Attributes of this type are identified by an asterisk to the right of the attribute name. For example, if you are looking for a cable that has an HDMI connector on one end and a DVI connector on the other, select HDMI and DVI in the Connection Type attribute. Only cables that have both an HDMI and a DVI connector will be displayed.

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