Are you getting the best broadband deal?

Are you getting the best broadband deal?

Ask most people who they use for their ISP and you’ll likely hear a roundup of the usual suspects – TV advertisements featuring Kim Dotcom or Internet-savvy parents hooked most of us in to contracts years ago and the majority of us probably blithely pay for our services without ever considering the present climate of ISPs available in NZ now.

We’re encouraged to rank power companies against each other; to see how they measure up against their competitors, and what they can offer us as consumers. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that with Internet service providers in NZ?

Good news – you actually can!, by their own admission, lets you compare 1723 broadband plans from 109 NZ internet service providers for free.

For a start: who even knew NZ had 109 ISPs?! With such exponential growth, it’s no longer necessary to be locked into a data plan that you have to conform your usage to. By using to isolate where you “spend” your data, you can view a selection of ISPs who have packages that can cater to how you want to use the internet.

Do you predominately use your data for online gaming? Streaming 4K TV and video? Or just basic web browsing and the occasional Skype with your Nan in Invercargill? Whether you’re after the best value for money, the fastest speeds or local customer service, by using the filters to outline your requirements you can quickly and easily figure out whether your current plan is really right for you, or whether it might be time to seek greener digital pastures.

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"Hi team, thanks for the recent order, Just wanting to provide some good feedback – excellent price, fast delivery and excellent comms." Tony, 6 May 2019
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